ClipX – Software Development Kit

Getting Started

SDK packages

There are two SDK packages you can get. The first ( is a full SDK, which will compile out-of-the-box, and is intended for general use. The second ( is a minimal SDK, it will not compile out-of-the-box, and is intended for those of you who already have a Wasabi development tree set up, and wish to customize their project paths to use it.

Both SDKs are meant for VisualC++ 6.0.

Installing, Compiling the Sample plugin

Full SDK

- Unzip the file in the directory of your choice, for instance, C:\ClipXSDK, then load the Sample.dsw project located in the plugins\Sample subdirectory and select Build->Build Sample.wac from the VisualC++ IDE menu.
- Run it (Build->Execute). Note that you may now have two “Limits” configuration pages and plugin entries, this is because the sample plugin compiles to Sample.wac, and because you have already installed the Limits plugin from the ClipX homepage, whose file is named “limits.wac”.

Mini SDK

- Unzip the file in the directory of your choice, for instance, C:\ClipXSDK. This package contains another zip file named ClipX, which you should also unzip in its own directory.
- Load and modify the DSPs such that the correct relative directories are used for include files (Project->Settings->C/C++->Preprocessor->Additional Include Directories). Select “Settings For: All Configurations”. The sample plugin should have two additional include directories: one that points to the ClipX mini-SDK directory, the other to the Wasabi “src” subdirectory. The ClipX mini-SDK should have two entries as well: one that points to itself (“./”), and the other to the Wasabi “src” subdirectory.
- Load your own libwasabi.dsp or equivalent. This may be a full DSP to the entire tree, or a minimal custom one that you create just for ClipX projects (in order to accelerate compilation). Make that project a dependency of libclipx.dsp.
- Modify the sample plugin Debug settings (Project->Settings->Debug, for All Configurations) such that “Executable for debug session” points at your installed ClipX.exe, and change the “Working directory” to the path for ClipX.exe. Select the Link tab (Project->Settings->Link, for All Configurations) and modify the “Output file name” entry to point at the “plugins” subdirectory of where ClipX.exe is located.
- Add the ClipX-miniSDK project to the sample plugin project, and make it a dependency of it.
- Build the sample plugin, Run it.

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