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Principia Screwupica

The previous attempt at drawing a scientist wasn't so good, so I thought I'd try again. I picked Bertrand Russell. Sorry man.

After spending about 2 hours on it, I gave it up, this one was just going really bad... the eyes are aweful, the shadowing is crappy, the face too tall... it's really not him, I just screwed up.

Bertrand Russell, supposedly (pencil, from picture, dropped)

Obviously I need to practice face proportions, so I figured, let's do two in one drawing. I pulled a picture of my sisters, and got back at it.

My sisters, Cecile and Isabelle (pencil, from picture)

Well... not as bad as Russell, but not so good either, there's definitly something wrong with those faces... the eyes are, well... bleh. I think I did get the proportions right this time, but those faces are too, hmm... eek! My sisters are a lot nicer than that ! Oh well, at least they won't see this. I think?
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